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What we do

Atlas Labs empowers developers to create next generation products and service through conversational AI on a flexible, enterprise ready platform.

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Zeroth by Atlas Labs

A platform for enterprise-grade language AI
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Speech understanding - ASR + NLU

Our pre-trained models are highly performant out of the box. We rely on no third party technologies, so Zeroth can be further refined by incorporating task-specific data for "better than human" level performance.


Zeroth ASR

Real-time speech recognition up to 96% accuracy

Zeroth NLU

Pre-trained NLU models to understand intent and classify conversations

Mission ready

Our platform is engineered to get developers up and running as quickly as possible.

Ready to Use

  • Comprehensive developer APIs
  • Dashboard for managing system
  • Transcription editing tool
  • Synthetic data crowdsourcing tool

Speed and Performance

  • Real-time recognition for live phone call monitoring
  • Elastic, scalable infrastructure
  • Efficient hardware requirements (no GPUs)


  • SIP integration and web/mobile SDKs to capture audio from anywhere
  • Deployable on-premise for Linux and Windows
  • Available in the cloud as fully managed service

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